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PureAdvanced Solutions (Pty) Ltd

It has been PureAdvanced Solutions enduring mission to offer visible business value to clients and not just focus on technology. PureAdvanced Solutions offers a combination of strategic business expertise with deep capabilities in technology and infrastructure management to enable clients to scale their operations rapidly to accommodate emerging business challenges. Our core services are the following:

Hardware Maintenance
Hardware Sales
Managed Infrastructure Support
Software Development
Software Maintenance
Point of Sales
Internet Service Provider (Webhosting, ADSL, FIBRE, VOIP and Cloud services)
CCTV camera Installation and monitoring
Website Design and Maintenance
Mobile Application Design and Maintenance

In an increasingly competitive world, quick access to the right data can be critical. Which means that your data and the tools need to be stored such that they are always available to you. This is one of the main reasons why companies have spent millions annually towards managing their infrastructure better, ensuring that hardware issues are rapidly resolved, and that business-defined SLAs are always met. However, with evolving business focus and growth comes the need to outsource the maintenance of hardware components to a capable and dependable vendor who can deliver professional services on one hand and can scale to take on larger requirements as dictated by your business.

PureAdvanced Solutions is committed to providing quality hardware maintenance services to clients across South Africa. With PureAdvanced Solutions, you can rest assured that the upkeep of your hardware is in right hands. Our hardware maintenance service offering includes the following features:

24 x 7 support centre with well-defined SLAs and performance quality indicators
Well established notification and escalation protocols
Technically qualified and experienced support engineers
Established processes and practices for preventive maintenance
A well-defined inventory and back-up mechanism
Our support engineers are well versed with most of the top line hardware components

For more details on our hardware maintenance services and capabilities, please contact us.

Infrastructure Support

Coupled with hardware maintenance, PureAdvanced Solutions managed infrastructure support services offer the best combination of dependability, precision, and value for money. PureAdvanced Solutions network engineers offer years of experience in network and infrastructure architecture, design, and implementation. PureAdvanced Solutions also offers the ability to study your existing infrastructure and business goals to arrive at a dependable vision of your future infrastructure needs, enabling you to plan and prepare in advance for the infrastructure requirements that lie ahead.

Under the umbrella of Managed Infrastructure Support offering, PureAdvanced Solutions offers the following capabilities:

24 x 7 application / service / system monitoring
Application maintenance
Capacity Management Consulting and Support
Level-0, Level-1, and Level-2 Support
Network Engineering and Monitoring
Environment Management

For more details on our infrastructure support services and capabilities, please contact us.

Software Maintenance

We understand the need for organizations like yours to stay on the forefront of technological innovations to stay ahead of the market. Forecasting emerging trends and related business demands and scaling existing software or commissioning new investments can, therefore, be critical for your continued leadership and success in your chosen field. PureAdvanced Solutions can help you efficiently manage all your software requirements without any hassles. We do the legwork for you and help you proactively choose upgrades or new buys that can best help you leverage technology for achieving and exceeding your business goals.

From continual business-focused guidance on software procurement and management to deployment and regular maintenance, PureAdvanced Solutions has the personnel and infrastructure needed to meet all your software management needs onsite or remotely.

PureAdvanced Solutions offers the following core software maintenance services:

Proactive Software Planning and Management
Schedule-based and Need-based Software Deployment and Upgrade Management
Continuous Performance Monitoring and Management
In-house Application Enhancement Services
For more details on our software maintenance services and capabilities, please contact us.

Website and Mobile Application Development

PureAdvanced Solutions is a the forefront of custom web development and mobile application development in South Africa. With the massive growth in smartphone and tablet sales around the world. South Africa is playing catch up when it comes to Web Development, E-Commerce and Mobile Applications. Trends are being set around the world. Lifestyles are becoming mobile. The need for mobile applications and shopping carts has increased. We at PureAdvanced Solutions are willing to assist the South African market in achieve those targets and beyond.

PureAdvanced Solutions offers the following core Web development and Mobile application services:

Hosting Plans for all your hosting requirements.
Custom Web Development from a personal Blog to a Full E-Commerce Shopping Cart
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Print Media Design
Schedule-based and Need-based Software Deployment and Upgrade Management
Continuous Performance Monitoring and Management
In-house Web Application and Enhancement Services

For more details on our software maintenance services and capabilities, please contact us.